Moving more than more than 2000 coins
Lady told reporters on January 7 this year through 114 telephone moving company telephone, 114 tells her to "hair"
moving company on the phone. After the call the moving company agreed from moved a load of furniture to the Royal Plaza road, Nanchang city, handling fee of 110 Yuan.
morning, the moving company opened a car brought two porters. Her furniture, a safe, a small fridge, three plastic boxes, and the nine snake skins for daily use. Among them, have a snake skins with 2 points, 5 points, 5 Jiao, 1 Yuan coins, that's her decades of accumulated coins over more than 2000 pieces. The coin was made of a porcelain costumed, she crushed in transit of porcelain into the snake skins. There is an account of the empty shell, inside a China Merchants Bank card, three stocks and power supply card payment card. At that time, she requested the presence of a female workers see her these coins, and remind her to pay attention to this package. Transport escort with her in the cab on the way to, move stuff upstairs company drove off. And she has been sorting through everything on furniture and snake skins, the evening before she found the coin snake skins were gone. Irrelevant

moving company statement said that evening finds lost things, called her immediately to the moving company, but no one has answered the phone, she waited until the next day to call and find that moving company to Nanchang Road. Then she found that, this so-called moving company can't even without a sign outside the door, just a grocery store had a telephone installed, there was a person waiting for you. When she presented to the beams of the shop owner claims, the beams the boss says it has nothing to do with them, and told her to go to police.
later, she went to East Lake Bureau queries found beams owners applying for registration is an information and cultural services, there is no declared moving project. Commerce, law enforcement officials told her that beams the boss is beyond the scope of irregular operations, they will be ordered to correct the violations. To this end, she is also Hu Fang police station to report a case.
about the lost coin, beam boss said in an interview with reporters, the moving company only assume responsibility for carrying things to the designated location. Although the coins of the woman said she lost, he was not sure whether these coins or lost, but she didn't explain the porters and drivers driving her what evidence that is lost when moving furniture. In spite of this he still cooperate with public security departments were surveyed by porters and taxi drivers.

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