Moving hosts keep furniture waiting for calls
Yesterday morning, Gao Tong, all the old furniture shipped to Guangzhou road, South of the village, ready to enter when new owners. Did not expect things to, and has no power, and before that don't even have a notice, there is no "warning".
he didn't think blackout would last for more than 10 hours, so start spending 250 Yuan when moving workers to stay together. But wait there is no electricity, he had sent the workers away, her downstairs to guard their possessions. "Due to power outages, many in the downstairs, we see he was so embarrassed, to laugh. "Mr Gao was embarrassed, he said with a wry smile, after buying the House, he only came by twice, both times encountered blackout," maybe I should go buy a lottery ticket! "
at 7 o'clock last night, Mr Gao still kept alone in a pile of furniture, eating lunch, power on.

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