Moving company with hundreds of banknotes as a background printing business cards
Yesterday morning, Zhengzhou, people of all ages Lady in zhongzhou Avenue and farm Road 200 metres west of the intersection of the "Central" moving companies when moving house, where staff gave her a business card, so that "more link". Qi Lady watch, stunned.
This is a special card: background for the fifth series of the Renminbi of hundred notes pattern, lower left and upper right corner retains the "100". Card, the upper left are "moving company in central China" message, left in the middle are "discount cards" words, leaders head into a young boy's head on the right side, below and to the right on the edge of the printed phone number. Is also a hundred notes on the back of a business card designs, printed with "business".
yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to the moving company, get a business card. "Why did you made this card? "" Oh, so easy to attract attention, friendly, good for business. "One man said on condition of anonymity. "Did you know that doing so violated the country shall not be copied or altered renminbi designs law? "" I don't know, we just to attract customers. "
seen this" bills "business cards of people said this card is hard to accept.

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