Dianbai households before the busy moving house
Dianbai author recently in the interview that, through the towns, rural areas affordable housing construction, housing projects, bid farewell to a mud-brick housing project and other measures, dianbai County currently has basically solved the housing difficulties of urban rural dual SHC, and gradually establish a social housing security system.
5 years spent near 2.4 billion transformation mud brick room
dianbai County population more than 1.23 million more people, agricultural population more than 1.02 million more people, according to 2002 of statistics approved, County live mud brick room of has 71341 households, about 300,000 population, most are is annual income below 1500 Yuan following of poor, they yiqian most live in mud brick room in, annual are by Typhoon, and flood, and mountain landslide, natural disasters of huge threat. Mud-brick house of the enormity of the task is obvious.
young woman's new home and the total cost of 30,000 yuan, which Dan Chang Zhen Chen Yuan Dan Chang Cun pool owners to support 10,000 yuan, the County Government earmarks 4000 Yuan, and the rest done by farmers raise funds through friends and relatives via. It is through this multi-channel financing way of helping farmers raise, Government subsidies, entrepreneurial support, with relatives and friends, to form a social force, has helped families solve mud brick house construction and the problem of manpower shortage.
so far, invested a total reconstruction of mud-brick buildings, dianbai 2.392 billion yuan, conversion mud brick 71341, 6.799 million square meters, completed 2002 approved clay modified tasks. Implementation of the "farewell to mud brick housing project" has brought great changes to dianbai County rural, effective improvements in the living environment in rural areas, rural Outlook, every year a batch of poor households move into new ones.
building housing housing to achieve home ownership
recently, I came to the banks of the dianbai County is located in the East Bay Water dianbai County new century home housing project buildings, where row upon row of buildings, broad green, and real estate is no different. Resident Liang Ronghua, Liang Ronghua couple pleasure for the author of the what had been said: "we, the family of low income wage earners is County, the County Government the biggest beneficiaries of the projects. In 2002 we first paid 30,000 yuan from banks mortgage 12 monthly for more than 300 yuan, and total costs over more than 90,000 yuan, will live in the General area of more than 110 square meters of beautiful buildings. For us, the monthly income for hundreds of workers, would not even dream of. "
concert with mud housing improvement projects in rural areas, town, dianbai through the implementation of housing projects, building affordable housing, rental housing subsidy measures such as double special hardship case families of the town's housing problem solved. In 2001, low-income families homeless in dianbai County households and housing the needy the first housing projects built "Kai yuan" residential quarter started, average selling price per square meter of 900 Yuan, 400-500 Yuan cheaper than housing, solve the housing difficulties of 800 and 3200. In 2005, the County Government funds to buy Dong a vacant building as a low-rent housing, a total of 24 sets, currently has arranged 13-double-stranded family stay, rent per square meter floor space 1. For failure to low-rent accommodation in 59-double-stranded family, the County Government to 2 Yuan per sq m per person per month (in 6 square meter) rental subsidy from their market to lease houses designated by the management of low-rent or take the appropriate housing.

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